Arman Taradod

Vertical traffic signs

Arman Traffic Sadra Company with 2 workshops equipped with sheets and pressing has the ability to produce a variety of panels and frames of guidance and related accessories.

Electrical and electrical guidance signs

In 2005 , for the first time in the country, the company's experts have prototyping and producing solar traffic equipment.

Horizontal traffic signs

Horizontal signs are signs that are installed on the floors of roads and streets, giving drivers the necessary warnings.


About Arman Taradod

Arman Traffic Sadra Company has been established with the presence of a group of experts with a history of traffic industry, with the aim of producing and supplying the equipment and traffic signs used in the cities and roads of the country. Providing services to municipalities, provincial roads departments and contractors related to these two entities, in order to secure roads and roads, is another goal of this company.
The company’s products and services are divided into three main parts:

– Electronic traffic products (electric and solar)
– Traffic signs and vertical guidance (including a variety of traffic signs)
– Traffic signs and horizontal guidance (safety cylinder, speeder, cat eye, etc.)
The company, in addition to producing and supplying the above products, is also ready to supply its intermediate products. Among the middle products are “raw frames of law enforcement boards” or “body and module of traffic lights”.All products of the company are produced in accordance with the latest standards in the world and have a long-term warranty according to the type of product. The warranty period of each product is included in the relevant technical specifications sheet.


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